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Qantas (Australia’s largest airline) unveiled yesterday (12/17) their brand new First Class Lounge in Los Angeles. Xavier, Phoebe Tonkin (Bait co-star) and Angela Bishop (A Few Best Men costar) were amongst the special guest attending the occasion. Check out the pics:

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Appearances > 2014 > Qantas LAX First Class Lounge – December 17

Also, for Xavier’s birthday Emily Browning posted this cute photo on her instagram:

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Xavier attended the 2014 GQ Men Of The Year party at Chateau Marmont on December 4, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. He’s wearing the Hopsack Blazer and Smarty Pant in Midnight Blye by Gant Rugger. Check out the pics in the gallery!

UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing Ligia at Dakota Jonhson Brasil, I’ve added 6+ HQ pics.

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Appearances > 2014 > 2014 GQ Men Of The Year – December 04

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Hey guys I’ve got some small updates for Xavier’s projects, check out:

1. Healing: I’ve added some pictures missing from the gallery and some quotes/characters info from the kit press.

Gallery Links: Movies > Healing (2014) > Stills
Photoshoots > 2014 > “Healing” Promotional Photoshoot
Paul Atherton: played by Xavier Samuel, Paul’s received a hefty sentence for a drunken driving accident that left a man dead. A young guy (mid 20s), good-looking, no criminal background, Paul has grown up to work on his fathers fishing trawler and was completely unprepared for the darker side of prison life – and he’s been a target for the worst of it. He’s withdrawn, fragile, and nowhere near ready to face the ‘normal’ world again.

Xavier Samuel’s character Paul is responsible for rehabilitating a juvenile Barking Owl, called Doris. (…)

Xavier Samuel loved working with Doris: “Doris is alarming, she’s a little bit eccentric, and she chats a lot. A lot of the other birds are really quiet but Doris chirps a lot so you get a wonderful interaction going on. It almost seems like there’s a dialogue occurring. Doris is the owl that Paul, my character looks after and nurtures. It’s a double-edged sword really, because if you pet them too much or if you’re too affectionate with the birds, it then makes their reintegration into the wild fatal, because they can’t survive. There is a wonderful thing that occurs in the film with Paul kind of needing a way to interact with something and he really is drawn to the owl, but is held back, because touching her means she will have a tough time out in the wild. There’s poetry in that interaction. You’re dealing with a caged creature and a caged person. The metaphor is clear but very touching.”

In the course of the film, each of the main characters come to be identified with a bird (…) Paul with the chatty Doris, who is the first bird successfully rehabilitated and released into the wild.

2.Cook: Xavier’s newest project got a synopsis update from IMDb:

Cook tells the story of a unique friendship that develops when a little girl and her dying mother inherit a cook – Mr. Church. What begins as an arrangement that should only last six months, instead spans fifteen years.

3.Waltzing Matilda: Banjo and Matilda has a new title: “Waltzing Maltida”.

Plus, I’ve added all new projects with links etc in the sidebar. That’s it, have a good day :)


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I have added several unseen stills from Adore to the gallery, as well as replaced several low quality stills with large/hq versions. Some pictures are from deleted scenes, check out:

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Movies > Adore (2013) > Stills

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Hey guys, Xavier and Emily Browning were at The Holy Other: A Series Of Photos by Jena Malone Opening Reception on November 21. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the pic in hq.

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Appearances > 2014 > The Holy Other: A Series Of Photos by Jena Malone Opening Reception – November 21

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Thanks to @LucyFrySource and @brittrobertsone on twitter, we can confirm Xavier has been cast in ‘Cook’, also starring by Eddie Murphy, Britt Robertson and Lucy Fry.  Susan McMartin, the woman who wrote the screenplay for the movie, posted on her blog about a table read for the script yesterday with this picture:


Also, according with her blog, the filming begins next week! Cook director is Bruce Beresford and producers David Beulow, Brad Kaplan, Mark Canton, Courtney Solomon. Here’s the IMDb page for the movie and the official synopsis:

A man’s temporary job as a cook for a dying father, becomes a life-changing experience that lasts much longer than he expected.


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IN the current Hollywood blockbuster Fury he orders around a tough tank commander played by superstar Brad Pitt.

Now Adelaide’s Xavier Samuel is following other movie greats, Robert De Niro and Boris Karloff to play the tortured creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

“It’s told from the monster’s perspective,” says Samuel who will be back in Adelaide over Christmas.

“I don’t want to give too much away but he starts out as a kind of well-formed human being, or monster, and then he starts to deteriorate. He gets uglier as the film progresses.”

It is a year since Samuel filmed Fury, the gritty World War II film about tank warfare that has taken $50 million in two weeks in the US. In it, he plays a young and inexperienced officer who tries unsuccessfully to give orders to the battle-hardened tank commander, Wardaddy, played by Pitt.

“As happens in war there were a lot of young men who were put in positions that they weren’t ready for,” says Samuel.

“He hasn’t experienced what real war is like and Wardaddy’s group has been hardened by it.”

Samuel says it was a great experience to act next to seasoned stars Shia LaBeouf and Brad Pitt, whose films he grew up with and admired.

“It’s just great to see someone who has reached that point and had that amount of attention and success and still remains a down to earth person,” he says..

“And professional at their job. He always brings something new to every role. It was a real pleasure.”

Samuel, who broke into the big time playing Riley in the third film of the Twilight series, is back in Hollywood after a run of Australian films includingHealing with Don Hany and Adore with Naomi Watts and House of Cards star Robin Wright.

He began the year in his home town with the State Theatre Company playing another tortured soul, Konstantin, in the Adelaide Festival production of Chekov’s The Seagull.

“That was a really great way to kick the year off and I worked with a great bunch of people,” he says. “It started the year in an enriching way I suppose.”

He and Australian girlfriend Emily Browning, who made her name as Violet in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, share their time between Australia and LA. They have been together for a year and were on the red carpet together at the Fury premiere two weeks ago in Washington.

Samuel says he always likes coming home and the couple will be back in Australia, including Adelaide, over Christmas.

“All of her family is in Melbourne so we’ll be back and forth,” he says


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Last thursday Xavier attended the GANT Rugger SS 15 Collection presentation at Chateau Marmont on October 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Check out:

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Appearances > 2014 > GANT Rugger SS 15 Collection Presentation – October 23
Also, in the same day, Emily posted this photo of her and Xavier with the caption:

#TBT to last week… Just casually hanging out with Sunny and Bo at the White House. No big deal… OH WAIT YES IT IS. #sunnyandbo

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Personal > Miscellaneous

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Xavier with his girlfriend, Emily Browning, attended the  the ‘Fury’ Washington DC Premiere at The Newseum on October 15, 2014. Enjoy many high quality photos from the event to the gallery! More to be added, stay tuned.
October 18 Update: Over 50 pictures added, enjoy!

Gallery Link: Appearances > 2014 > ‘Fury’ Washington DC Premiere

Bellow an interview of Xavier on the red carpet:

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Exciting news, if you want to read the full story just click here.

Screen Australia today announced that $560,000 will be allocated to support 17 single-draft screen projects selected from applications received through its Development program in the last three months. In addition, four emerging filmmakers will receive support through the Talent Escalator program.

Development investment will be given to eight new projects: Bronze, Lost Cat, The Death and Life of Otto Bloom, Shadow Warrior, Wake with Me, Taboo, The Other Side of the World and The Children, along with continued support to nine other titles.

Mary and Max producer Melanie Coombs teams with Alicia Brown and Mish Armstrong to develop The Death and Life of Otto Bloom. A vividly imagined fictional documentary about a man who experiences time in reverse by writer/director Cris Jones, the mystery drama has Xavier Samuel attached to play the lead.

Producers Melanie Coombs, Alicia Brown, Mish Armstrong
Writer/Director Cris Jones
Cast Xavier Samuel
Synopsis A fictional documentary about a man who experiences time in reverse, and his impact on the world around him as he passes backwards through the years.

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