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I’ve added some pictures of Xavier with the cast and fans before and after The Dog / The Cat.


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I’ve added six new pictures of Xavier on “The Dog/The Cat”.

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Every role is a challenge. But some far more than others. And Xavier Samuel seems to have met his match.

“I’m allergic to cats,” he confides.

“So it has been traumatic,” nods Benedict Hardie, gravely.

“Yeah, it’s a big ask for you as an actor,” adds Andrea Demetriades sympathetically.

“It has been full-on,” Samuel agrees deadpan. “For some people it’s playing a murderer or something; for me it’s playing a cat lover.”

There’s a burst of laughter. The trio have established an easy chemistry over the past few weeks, rehearsing the Belvoir Downstairs double-header The Dog / The Cat, two new plays by Brendan Cowell and Lally Katz respectively.

Which is lucky, as the small downstairs space doesn’t allow for much apart from the actors themselves.

“It’s more like a filmic performance, you don’t have to do the big gestures,” Demetriades says.

“You do trust that people will come to you, you don’t have to go out to them as much, which is very liberating because you can just focus on what you’re doing, what we’re doing; everything is very exposed, you can’t hide out there,” Samuel says.

This is no stretch; all have busy on-screen careers. Demetriades was one of the stars of the ABC’s stellar legal drama Janet King and will be seen in the upcoming moving version of the hit series of plays Alex & Eve.

Hardie featured in Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner, Deadline Gallipoli and will soon be sharing the big screen with Michael Fassbender and Rachel Weisz in the drama The Light Between Oceans.

And Samuel, of course, has been making waves Stateside after his turn in the Twilight films. He’s just starred alongside Brad Pitt in Fury and has a heap of big international releases coming up. But these live outings are more prosaic stories than any of those.

Cowell’s play The Dog follows two blokes who share a dog and separately meet the same woman while walking said dog. And then fall in love with her, making for messy but hilarious times ahead.

“The two guys are best friends but something has come between them and they’re not even talking to each other so they’re not even aware both of them are pursuing the same girl, and maybe there’s an element of psychological thriller as you’re not even sure of the agenda of the girl in the play,” Hardie says.

And Katz’s contribution has a couple breaking up, with their cat in the middle of their separation, and both claiming custody.

“Really, the cat belongs to the girl, to Alex, as she was the one who wanted to buy it,” Demetriades says. “I love the cat the most and I can’t bear to live without it, so you see her go through that experience.”

Both are busy writers, but very different in tone, another treat for the actors — and us.

“It’s a joy to work on two very different styles, you can really have fun with them in different ways,” Samuel says.

Belvoir Downstairs, Belvoir St, Surry Hills; June 18-26, $38-$48, 9699 3444,


I’m uploading a picture of Xavier and The Dog/The Cat cast to The Sydney Morning Herald plus another picture from rehearsal! Check the new photos by clicking the thumbs below:

Popular wisdom has it that you are either a dog person or a cat person and never the twain shall meet. If that’s true, you might want to think carefully about who you take to Belvoir’s The Dog/The Cat, a double bill of romantic comedy staged in the Downstairs Theatre.

“It’s a definite date-night show,” actor Xavier Samuel says. “I’d say the chance of getting lucky at The Dog/The Cat is pretty high. Bring a Doona.”

Samuel is taking a short sabbatical from a burgeoning Hollywood film career which took off in 2010 when he scored the role of vampire Riley Biers in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Since then, he has appeared in films such as Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous (2011) and 2014’s Fury, a bloody World War II drama starring Brad Pitt.

In Brendan Cowell’s The Dog, Samuel plays one of two ordinary guys sharing custody of a Jack Russell terrier. Taking turns to walk the dog morning and evening, they both meet and fall for the same girl, played by Andrea Demetriades.

“When I first moved to Sydney, I used to watch a lot of Belvoir shows, and I’ve always hoped to work there some day,” Samuel says. “It’s not very often you get a chance to work in such an intimate room. Usually, you can imagine the audience is out there in the ether somewhere, but here everyone is right in front of you.”

Samuel is also playing a role in Lally Katz’s companion piece, The Cat, although he won’t reveal what it is. “It’s about a couple going through a divorce and they are trying to work out who gets to keep the cat,” Samuel says. The script may or may not involve someone playing the feline role.

Although they are combined in a double bill, the two plays are very different in texture and tone, co-star Benedict Hardie says. “They are both romantic comedies, but the playwrights have such distinct voices. Brendan’s play is very Brendan and Lally’s play is very Lally. Brendan’s a bizarre mix of Aussie bloke and high-thinking, big-feeling kind of guy. The size of the emotions and the drama that goes on inside his head never cease to amaze me.”

Melbourne playwright Katz, meanwhile, is “imaginatively explosive”, Samuel says. “She is such a unique voice in Australian theatre and it’s been great seeing how her mind works. The thing I find about both plays is that they’re just really honest and they ring true.”

It’s from the honesty that the laughter springs, Hardie says. “You see these people’s vulnerabilities writ large, and watching people trying to get together is always an inherently funny thing.”

The plays come at a time when both playwrights are enjoying considerable success. Cowell’s film adaptation of his play Ruben Guthrie received its premiere at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. Katz’s comedy Timeshare recently debuted at the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Cowell was originally meant to perform in both plays, but publicity duties for Ruben Guthrie intervened, although he has been in the rehearsal room, Hardie says. “You have to be careful what you do and say in rehearsal, because he’ll go, `That’s great. Put it in the show.’ ”

Romantic comedy is something we seldom see in the theatre, Hardie says. “Usually you have plays in which people are stabbing their eyes out and having sex with their mother, but here we get to play characters quite close to ourselves and know that what we’re doing is entertaining and actually fun for people to watch.”

The Dog/The Cat is at Belvoir Downstairs Theatre from June 18 to July 26.


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I’ve added seven UHQ pictures from “The Dog/The Cat” rehearsals and two pictures also from rehearsals taken by his coworkers.


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Xavier attended the Sydney Film Festival 2015 in the days 03 e 04 of June and now the pictures are in our gallery, check out:

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So, I’ve planning a new theme for XSN awhile but just now I’ve got the time. It’s a responsive theme, meaning you can use it from your cellphone/tablet perfectly! I’ve used this photoshoot, hope you all liked it.

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Xavier visited Yahoo 7 Studios to appear on “The Morning Show” today (April 26, 2015), he talked about about his career, life in LA and the upcoming play “The Cat/The Dog”. Watch the interview and check the photos from his appearance below:

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Xavier talked to The Daily Telegraph about his career and I have exclusively added two pictures from the photoshoot in UHQ to our gallery, again, I ask you to not take off our tag/replace with yours and a link back is always appreciated.

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You might have seen him alongside Brad Pitt earlier this year in World War II drama Fury. Or with the likes of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the Twilight sequels.

And over the next little while you’ll be able to catch LA-based Aussie actor Xavier Samuel strutting his stuff on screen with Eddie Murphy in the drama Henry Joseph Church, with Carrie-Anne Moss in the contemporary reboot of Frankenstein and in old-timey mode with Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny in the Jane Austen adaptation Love And Friendship.

But for now, Samuel has traded in Hollywood to tread the boards in the 60-seat Belvoir Theatre Downstairs double bill The Dog/The Cat, twin romantic comedies written by Brendan Cowell and Lally Katz which has just started rehearsing and opens next month.

“We just finished that (Love And Friendship) a month ago, so it’s nice to jump from Jane Austen to Lally Katz and Brendan Cowell,” he told arts writer Chris Hook.

“Film can be an isolating experience sometimes so it’s nice to be around a community of people and Belvoir especially is such a great company and I’ve always wanted to be involved — the best nights I’ve ever had at the theatre have been watching shows here,” he said.

Samuel is no stranger to the stage however, having spent much of his early career doing live work, before Hollywood came knocking after he dazzled in the Twilight outing. “That was pretty mad,” he recalled. “I had a great time doing that and getting a glimpse of that hysteria.”

“But I think the tricky thing was not to let that define me as an actor and trying not to follow that up with mainstream genre stuff.”

While neither parent is in show-business, things are going pretty well for the Samuel siblings, his sister Bridget a stage manager for Bell Shakespeare and actor brother Benedict also busy in the US with work on cult TV series The Walking Dead and a bunch of upcoming film roles.